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Family Law

Family law matters can be extremely stressful for our clients. We are dedicated to resolving these issues in a quick, efficient and conciliatory manner wherever possible.

Family law is a sensitive area of the law that deals with family related issues and domestic relations.

At Van Houten Law, we give our clients the best family law services in Property Settlement, Divorce, Defacto, Parenting matters, Child abductions, Spousal Maintenance and Cohabitation agreements. We understand that this is a difficult and vulnerable time and we are dedicated to giving the best result in family proceedings we can offer.

We are competent, diligent, loyal as well as friendly and our communication skills are highly commendable. We offer our clients long-term commitment and assistance at such a difficult time.

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Same Sex Couples and Family Law

On the 1 March 2009 De Facto property rights came into force by the amendment in 2008 where The Family Law Amendment (De Facto Financial Matters and other Measures) Act 2008 made significant changes.

Once there is a breakdown of a De Facto relationship which includes Same Sex Couples there are time limits for the alteration of your financial interests of the relationship.


The meaning of a De Facto including Same Sex Couples Is defined as

  1. The persons are not legally married

  2. The persons are not related

  3. Having regard to all the circumstances of their relationship they have a relationship as a couple living together on a genuine domestic basis.


The Law considers the following to establish the relationship:

  • The duration of the relationship

  • The nature and extent of their common residence.

  • Whether a sexual relationship exists.

  • The degree of financial dependence or interdependence and any arrangements for financial support between them.

  • The ownership use and acquisition of their property.

  • The degree of mutual commitment to a shared life.

  • Whether the relationship is or was registered under a prescribed law of a State or Territory as prescribed kind of relationship

  • The care and support of children

  • The reputation and public aspects of the relationship.


Mr. Rodney C Van Houten
Principal Lawyer


Rodney Van Houten has over 30 years experience in Family Law and is an Accredited Family Disputer Resolution Mediator and an accredited Specialist Criminal Lawyer. 

"Thank you for helping me throughout my family law matter with property and parenting.

It was a very stressful and emotional time for me in navigating through separation and the division of property and children issues and you made it easy with your caring and expertise in family law and mediation. Child inclusive mediation did work well in hearing what the children wanted in spending time with both parents. I was very impressed in how you treated everyone including fellow practitioners with courtesy and respect which assisted in a successful outcome.

I am now well settled with the children thanks once again."

- Claudia

Distanced Couple

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